OPST Shank Chuck Tool:  A solid pinch/grip on the very tag end (approx a 1/4 of a cm) of this 2″, 51mm OPST Steelhead Shank.

OPST Shank Chuck Tool: Easily secure shanks into vise. You have seen it (or a prototype of it) in OPST fly tying videos. You have called and emailed and asked about it. And now it’s here: the OPST Shank Chuck Tool. It took OPST a long time to dial this one in.

  • First, its a tool that will fit in just about any vise on the planet. OPST succeeded in making a tool anybody can use.
  • Second, we can secure both shanks and (some) tubes- by unscrewing the chuck housing, you can flip the inner chuck one way for shanks and the other way for tubes. Another surprising feature is this Tube Chuck, which clamps down evenly around the circumference of the tube (only holds Large 1/8 OD tubes such as HMH Rigid Tubes) and does not crush or mar the tube body. Once clamped into the chuck the tube does not spin out of place, even as the tyer makes continuous outward pulling thread wraps. We were a little apprehensive at the cost of such a tool but can say the chuck is surprisingly secure and extremely easy to adjust. It’s a brainless tool.

The chuck will hold shanks down to OPST Micro Shanks, which are 0.90mm in diameter. Tube adapter inner diameter: 2mm.

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Easily disassembled. Just unscrew and flip the inner chuck (center of pic) when transitioning from shank to tube (scroll to picture below)


Flip the inner chuck for tube fly use. Fits Large Tubes such as HMH Rigid Tubes 1/8 OD.


Close Up: the four fine cut teeth attributes to the chucks sure grip onto those slippery metal shanks.