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Background: Spey casting is an advanced form of fly casting that can be performed with any fly rod, but is mostly done with two-handed rods. They allow an angler to cover the water quickly and efficiently with tremendous line control. It’s not only fun, but very effective. This full day class takes place on the water where you will learn the essential concepts of spey casting, as well as of the major casts from both sides of the river.
What to expect: Our classes focus on the fishing during the season the class is held.  Our focus in our summer classes is on dry line techniques for summer steelhead and the focus in our winter and spring classes is on casting and fishing sink tips and heavy flies for winter steelhead. Even though the focus in on the techniques used in the season of the class, we also go over sink tip fishing in the summer classes and dry line techniques and lines in our winter classes.  We will discuss and have available the many different Scandi and Skagit heads that make learning to spey cast so much easier than it used to be.  Additional topics include reading water, run timing, fly selection and more.


Cost: $95.00

Time: 9am-3pm


October 17th 2015

December 12th 2015

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Beginners Class:

Come enjoy an evening with the crew from Waters West learning the basics of fly fishing.  This half day, crash course will take place at a local pond, and will jump start you into this life-long sport.  We will be putting heavy emphasis on casting, line control and presentation.  All rods, reels, flies, and other essential equipment will be provided, and students should have a good chance at catching fish.

Subjects Covered Include:

  • Understanding Equipment
  • Basic Fly Casting
  • Fly Selection
  • Reading Water & Presentation
  • Playing and Landing Fish

Upcoming Beginners Classes

Time: 1-5pm

Place: Local Pond

Cost: $55.00

Returning Spring ’16

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Beginning Fly Tying Classes


More Coming Soon!
Other Info
Class sizes are limited to six people so there is more one on one time, but feel free to swing by and watch/ask questions/etc.
All classes will be held from 1pm-3ish pm at Waters West. We are located at 140 West Front Street, Port Angeles WA.

To sign up for any or all of these dates, just give us a call at (360) 417-0937 or email us at



 Casting Clinic

Single-handed rod casting a little rusty? Go casting (at a pond with fish…) with Curt to work out some of those bad habits.

Time: 2-5pm

Place: Local Pond

Cost: $45.00

Dates Available:
Returning Spring ’16

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or sign up by phone – (360) 417-0937, or by email.



There is nothing like one-on-one time to accelerate your learning. This can be booked anytime, for any kind of instruction, just contact us.

$30/hour at Lincoln Park or somewhere close by
$40/hour Spey instruction. (2 hour minimum) Can take place close by or out on the West End rivers.
Give us a call or send up an email to sign up! Phone: (360) 417-0937 or Email:

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