Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Report

Updated 15 APRIL, 2017

OVERVIEW – There have been fewer fish around than in recent years, but the ones that have been caught are also bigger than the average in recent years.

Sol Duc, Bogie, Hoh, Calawah are open to fish.

Click on the river you’re thinking of fishing to get the full report. Also, soon to come! We are working on a blog so you can understand how we use weather charts, and CFS graphs to get our best approximates for future river conditions!




As of Dec 1st the Sol Duc is open from the Klahowya Camp Ground down to the confluence of the Quillayute.

Fishing Report: Still lower numbers of steelhead than historically seen in mid April. Some anglers have been finding fish, not in great numbers but there’s fish in the river. Those who actually make the journey to the OP and fish the day through are finding fish and having reasonable success.



Bogachiel: CLOSED within the confines of the Nation Park as of 15 April 2017.

OPEN FROM Park Boundary down to the confluence of the Quillayute till 30 April 2017

  • Current:

    • 101 Bridge down has been pretty murky from the land slide.
  • Fish Reports: Only a handful of good fish, most likely due to unfishable conditions (due to the land slide) and blocked roads.


Calawah: As of Dec 1st the Calawah is open from confluence up to where the Calawah forks upriver. OPEN till 30 April 2017

Upper Calawah (North fork, South fork) closed as of 31 FEB 2017

  • Fish Reports: No outstanding reports of fish this time.




Closed as of 15 April 2016

Head Guide, Curt Reed put this happy client on another Hoh River steelie. On years with low numbers having a guide who really knows the river increases your chances of a hook up, ten fold!

Fishing Report: Some nice fish that have been caught in the last week. Not a slam runyear like we hoped to see in the prime of the winter season.

Protected Species: Bull Trout – Salvelinus confluentus which is a member of the Char family (sometimes mistakenly called “Dolly Varden” Salvelinus malma) Loads of Bull Trout are being caught incidentally on the Hoh. You may find that these aggressive Char will take many of the same presentations used to catch steelhead. Bull trout are fun and brake the monotony of a slow day while fishing for winter steelhead and some days you may catch as many as a dozen with some upwards of 5lbs! Just remember these are a protected species within the Olympic Peninsula so keep them wet, minimize your handling and release all Bulls back as quickly as possible.

Beautiful Hoh river Bull Trout. The welcomed heart stopping tug from a unexpected Bull keeps us warm and from becoming complacent in our search for winter steel. Keep them wet and let em swim


Click Here for real-time Hoh River flows



CLOSED 15 APRIL 2017 . Has been receiving pressure around the confluence of the Salmon river with some nice Wild fish being caught. A few reports of fish being caught here and there. Water has been unfavorably high, dirty and cold as of the last few months.






Still closed to all fishing but the river is finally FREE!  With both dams completely removed, fish recovery is really taking off. There have a pretty fair number of steelhead spawning in the middle river this spring. All checked there have been wild and it seems the brood stock raised hatchery fish have all remained in the lower river.sol-duc-rainbow.jpg-nggid03187-ngg0dyn-320x240x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010





upper-dungenessClosed as of Jan 31st, 2017



Closed until June 1st, 2017


Waters are cold, fish are lethargic so fish it slow and get it to down to the fish and be patient.


Closed. Frozen


Hearing better reports about Coastal Cutt fishing than in recent years. Sequim Bay has been good and even the limited beach fishing around Port Angeles has been decent. With the Strait cooler this winter Cutties are shallower providing easier target opportunities for bank anglers so don’t over look the sweet spots right at the edge of the beach. Sometimes you’ll find these Cutt’s in 2 ft of water. Try long fluorocarbon leaders (9ft 3X) and delicate presentations. Floating fly lines and Clear intermediate fly lines get the job done in the cold months of winter.