Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Report

Updated Feb 5th, 2016

OVERVIEW – It’s been pretty simple this year. The continuing bad weather forecasts have made it tough to time the good river conditions. Just when it looks like we may have more than a day of clear water, another blast of rain comes in and the snow level climbs. It looks like Friday is another potential soaker, but we will have to wait and see.
There is of course, always a silver lining and a bright side. It’s February and there are large, beautiful winter steelhead swimming unmolested in all of the coastal rivers. On a high water year maybe the fish get a break for a change. It’s makes it harder for us to reach them, even in the boats and that’s a good thing. We all whine about no fishing and that is certainly legit. We’ll get plenty of shots at them, but when we can’t the fish win.

Bottom line – Don’t wait for perfect conditions. If the rivers are not rising fast – go fishing!




Water levels have been pretty high in here lately, even though the color has been ok. Better boat fishing lately than for the bankies. Even though the reports have been better lately, the upper Duc has not fished as well as expected but has been uncrowded. The lower river has been better, but it is ripping fast in most spots at the present water level. Hard to beat pink or blue flies in here.


Still a few bright hatchery fish around and this system will produce as big a native steelhead as any of them. Good time to check out the upper river above Hwy 101 or even hike into the park water. The upper river will clear as quickly as any of the bigger rivers and the lower stretch can fish very well even when high.


The Hoh has fished as well as any of the larger rivers so far this year. Quite a few big native fish out of here and still some hatchery fish down near the mouth. Really helps to have the water at 2000 cfs or below, but one can find a few slower spots to swing in higher flows. Hard to beat the Suskwa Poacher for an all-around fly.


Click Here for real-time Hoh River flows



A relatively uncrowded place this early in the season and it will have it’s share of native fish too. It can be worth the extra drive to fish in this beautiful area.  Good reports coming from around the Salmon. Fish the upper river for less crowds.


Still closed to all fishing but the river is finally FREE!  With both dams completely removed, fish recovery is really taking off. There have a pretty fair number of steelhead spawning in the middle river this spring. All checked there have been wild and it seems the brood stock raised hatchery fish have all remained in the lower river.sol-duc-rainbow.jpg-nggid03187-ngg0dyn-320x240x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010



upper-dungenessOnly a couple of weeks left in here. Not many reports, but most anglers keep their mouths shut if they are catching fish in here. Still will produce a big native now and then.


Closed. Re-opens Monday, June 1.  This has to be the most unique lake in our area and it’s also way
Lake-Crescent-rainbowunder-fished.  Fish over twenty inches are not uncommon and there is a healthy population of mid-size fish as well.  This large, deep lake is crystal clear with incredible visibility.  This is not your typical lowland lake and neither are the inhabitants.  A unique strain of rainbows called Beardslee trout, and a sub-species of cutthroat (Crescenti trout) are both native to the lake. There is some dry fly action here at times, mainly just fishing a larger pattern blindly in the chop. The fish are very opportunistic and will cruise in search of anything edible. Streamer patterns like Deceivers, scuplins and black leeches work well.


The northeast end of the OP is home to a myriad of lakes, many of which are open year round.  Leeches, buggers, scuds, chironomids. Gibbs, Teal, Sandy Shores, Leland, etc.



Some of the best fishing of the summer can be had in the high lakes in and around Olympic National Park.


Cutthroat fishing is open all year along the beaches!  Although rather hit-and-miss at times, finding the right beach at the right tide can result in a very productive day.  One of the best flies anytime  is Jeffery Delia’s Conehead Squid, which we have in stock and available online.