Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Report

Updated 27 Dec, 2017

OVERVIEW – It has been a much better beginning to the winter steelhead season than the last few years. There have been good numbers of hatchery fish around and at least a few native fish in all of the rivers now. January should bring in much better numbers of native fish and this is when the really big fish begin to enter the rivers. Also, January will still be rather uncrowded compared to later in the spring. Don’t wait till March. . Click on the river you’re thinking of fishing to get the report.


  Fishing Report: The early reports from the Sol Duc have been a bit on the slow side, but it’s starting to pick up. Some big fish around right. The clear, cold water doesn’t help, but look for this river to much better after the next high water event. Fish blue or fuchsia.  


Bogachiel: Good to very good early reports from here and the Calawah. A few hatchery fish around but mostly wild fish around.

  • Current:
    • Fairly low and will continue to drop with not much rain and warm weather.
  • Fish Reports: Trout fishing has been decent throughout the river. They’ll take sculpins and large dry flies skated on the surface such as Green Drake’s and Golden Stone’s in sizes 10 and 8. There are a few steelhead in the lower river and hopefully as summer goes by we’ll start to get a better push of fish.

Calawah: Open to Trout, steelhead and salmon. Catch and release native fish, single barbless hooks.

  • Current:
    • Really… Really low and will continue to drop with not much rain and warm weather.
  • Fish Reports: Trout fishing has been pretty good before the stretch of high heat we had throughout late July. Now conditions restrict the amount of productive water and fish are found fewer and further between.

Fishing Report:  These cold, clear stretches of weather will keep the Hoh rather low and clear compared to the high water we historically encountered around this time. Fish black, hot pink, purple or red.

Protected Species: Bull Trout – Salvelinus confluentus which is a member of the Char family (sometimes mistakenly called “Dolly Varden” Salvelinus malma) Bull Trout are often being caught incidentally on the Hoh. You may find that these aggressive Char will take many of the same presentations used to catch steelhead. Bull trout are fun and break the monotony of a slow day while fishing for winter steelhead and some days you may catch many, with some upwards of 5lbs! Just remember these are a protected species within the Olympic Peninsula so keep them wet, minimize your handling and release all Bulls back as quickly as possible.

Beautiful Hoh river Bull Trout. The welcomed heart stopping tug from a unexpected Bull keeps us warm and from becoming complacent in our search for winter steel. Keep them wet and let em swim

Click Here for real-time Hoh River flows  


Fishing Report: Another glacial river that can be good for early natives during low, early winter flows. Look for hatchery fish around Salmon River, but natives should be spread out. Stick to leechy patterns in reds and blacks and cover water.    


  Still closed to all fishing but the river is finally FREE!.sol-duc-rainbow.jpg-nggid03187-ngg0dyn-320x240x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010


      upper-dungenessFishing Report: The Dungeness is closed until October 16th 2018.  


Fish Report: Closed until June 1, 2018 Lake-Crescent-rainbow


  All snowed in…


Hearing better reports about Coastal Cutt fishing than in recent years. Sequim Bay has been good and even the limited beach fishing around Port Angeles has been decent. The Hood Canal and Puget Sound have been fishing very good for cutts and resident Coho, with a few black mouth here and there. Any of these species are more active during a moving tide with the outgoing being preferred by most anglers, and they’ll take anything from bait fish patterns and sculpins, to even some sliders and poppers. Just be sure to cover water, and keep an intermediate sink and floating line on deck. Most of these fish don’t wander too far from shore, but a kayak or small boat is always a great tool to cover water.

Lake Crescent