Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Report – Updated Wednesday, October 7th, 2015




OVERVIEW – Cutthroat fishing is oh-so-good! These fish are highly underrated, but are incredibly feisty and willing to eat dries and smash streamers. Coho and kings are around too!





SOL DUC – Open outside of the Park. Cutthroat fishing is fantastic. A few coho on the lower section.

BOGACHIEL / CALAWAH– Open outside of the Park!  A few summer-runs around the hatchery.

HOH – Closed in the national park all summer through October 31st. The state water has still been fishing pretty well with coho, kings, and sea-run cutts!



ELWHA – Still closed to all fishing but the river is finally FREE!  With both dams completely removed, fish recovery is really taking off. There have a pretty fair number of steelhead spawning in the middle river this spring. All checked there have been wild and it seems the brood stock raised hatchery fish have all remained in the lower river.

Upper Dungeness


DUNGENESS –  Open above Gold Creek, the rest of the river should open back up on October 16th!



LAKE CRESCENT – Open!  This has to be the most unique lake in our area and it’s also way Lake Crescent Rainbowunder-fished.  Fish over twenty inches are not uncommon and there is a healthy population of mid-size fish as well.  This large, deep lake is crystal clear with incredible visibility.  This is not your typical lowland lake and neither are the inhabitants.  A unique strain of rainbows called Beardslee trout, and a sub-species of cutthroat (Crescenti trout) are both native to the lake. There is some dry fly action here at times, mainly just fishing a larger pattern blindly in the chop. The fish are very opportunistic and will cruise in search of anything edible. Streamer patterns like Deceivers, scuplins and black leeches work well.


LOWLAND LAKES –  The northeast end of the OP is home to a myriad of lakes, many of which are open year round.  Leeches, buggers, scuds, chironomids. Gibbs, Teal, Sandy Shores, Leland, etc.


ALPINE LAKES– Some of the best fishing of the summer can be had in the high lakes in and around Olympic National Park.


SALTWATER BEACHES – Pretty good around Pt. Townsend Hood canal area for coho. Sea-run cutthroat have been loving the Delia’s conehead squid pattern.



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