Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Report

Updated September 2nd

OVERVIEW -The lower Sol Duc and Hoh and Queets are the only bigger river options around Forks.







The Sol Duc is open from the concrete Pump Station down. We’ve been getting a bit more rain, but all is still low and clear. Coho and trout are still around, but longer leaders will still be a good idea.



Closed until Nov 16th 2016




Open! The rain and cooler weather will make the Hoh a good option.



Click Here for real-time Hoh River flows



Another good option and generally less people around.





Still closed to all fishing but the river is finally FREE!  With both dams completely removed, fish recovery is really taking off. There have a pretty fair number of steelhead spawning in the middle river this spring. All checked there have been wild and it seems the brood stock raised hatchery fish have all remained in the lower river.sol-duc-rainbow.jpg-nggid03187-ngg0dyn-320x240x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010





upper-dungenessThe upper trout water above Gold Creek is open. The entire river below this creek is closed until October 16th. This little gem of a river is a bit cold in June, so dry fly action will be a bit slower until later on in the summer. Stone nymphs and beadheads work well in here.




Opened June 1st.  Fishing well so far this year and hearing lots of good reports from  both fly fishermen and the guys trolling gear. Our guide trips have had success throwing streamers and baitfish patterns along the shorelines and fishing long, deep sunk lines.


Some are starting to warm up to where the trout fishing has slowed a lot, but the bass have become quite active in lakes like Ludlow and Leland.



So many high lakes and so little time to get up there. The park is encouraging us to take all  of the brook trout, so if you want a good trout dinner these are the guys to eat. Two solid months left, but it ends soon.


Been hearing more good reports about searun cut fishing than in recent years. Sequim Bay has been good and even the limited beach fishing around Port Angeles has been decent.