The best fly shop I have ever been in. I am reasonably new to fly fishing and tying, but I don’t think you could have a better store or people, not just working it, but living it.

Richard B.

I really appreciate the response and the service.  You guys are the best.


A friend referred me to Waters West to purchase a WaterMaster raft. I found Dave’s customer service to be stellar. I received the raft in two days of ordering! I ordered an additional oar and Dave had it sent priority mail to ensure I had it in time for an upcoming trip!

Kaylyn F.

This is the best shop west of Missoula.

Keith S.

Best fly shop I’ve ever been in! Don’t even live in Port Angeles anymore, but still like doing business with Dave and Curt!

Brian S

Best shop I’ve ever been in. I will return for any fly fishing gear I need. Service is their game.

David M.

We stopped in quickly, new to fishing in the area, and they were very nice in explaining what we may need and where to go. They have a massive selection of flies and very knowledgeable and friendly.

Sarah L.

I would like to thank you and Ian for all that you helped me with this winter/spring season.

I am very much a beginner with fly fishing for steelhead. You answered multiple questions (some probably stupid or repetitive) from me over the last several months regarding Spey rods and winter run steelhead fishing. You gave me great advice on purchasing a 7 wt. rather than an 8 wt. When I purchased an Echo 3 7 wt. and a Lamson Guru reel from Water’s West you also suggested and selected a great package of fly line, running line, and sink tips for me. You also gave me great advice on both regular and tube flies.
I am very thankful for your help!

I booked a guided trip with Ian on Friday, April 17th. Ian is a real gem! He is an excellent teacher and wise beyond his years in interacting with clients. Ian did a wonder on improving my casting mechanics with the circle “C” cast. I was more dangerous to myself than the fish before Ian. After Ian I am more a danger to the fish than myself. Ian also gave me a lot of insight into reading water and what to look for in potential steelhead runs. This was beyond what I have learned reading water for float fishing gear over the last 5 years. With Ian, I learned to fish much heavier water than what I thought I could. I have never fished much on the lower Sol Duc but now have confidence in some potential walk-in sites. I hooked a nice steelhead fishing with Ian that was exciting to play. It ran up river to me after hooked so took us both by surprise. It got some slack and unfortunately shook off. Good fun however.

Well, thanks again! I really enjoyed fishing with my new Echo 3 7 wt. rod and Ian has helped me get off to a great start in steelhead fly fishing!

James M.

Had a great float trip with Curt last week. My first steelhead!

Darrell N.

Had a really great day fly fishing the Sol Duc with Curt. Great service. Great fishing.

Ricky L

I really appreciate how responsive and flexible you’ve been!  Lyle is REALLY looking forward to another day of fishing with Curt (me too…very fun watching the two of them together last time).

Tom H.

Another great day yesterday with Curt! And true to form, we broke in the new Method by catching a fish! (And almost catching another 🙂 ).

Roger H.

We wanted to write to say we had a GREAT day out with Curt on Saturday June 29. Not only is he an excellent fisherman (as I’m sure you’re well aware), but he is also an excellent instructor. As we told him when we parted ways, he literally taught us everything we know about fly fishing. The fact that we’d now feel comfortable going out on our own is a testament to how much his instruction improved our skills. Hopefully you know you’re lucky to have him on your team 🙂

We’ve submitted a request to TripAdvisor to have Waters West added as a business so we can leave a glowing review about our experience and hopefully drum up some more business for you all.


Valerie and Lance C.

wanted to take a minute to write you this. My friend Chris and I had the great pleasure of having Curt as our guide for 2 days last week. We both live for nothing but to chase steelhead on the swing. Being in the OP was an amazing place!! We ended up there due to the lack of rain in North Cal. Curt was the best guide I’ve ever meet!!! In addition to him spending hours with us as our vehicle was stuck in the mud, climbing trees to help the tow driver, bringing us supplies from the shop, loaning us a rod for the one that had been broken of ours, his guiding, casting tips, knowledge and skills were amazing!! Although we had some extremely cold weather join us during our trip, he helped put me on my first winter steelhead on my first winter trip!!! Please pass a huge thanks to Curt and show this to your potential customers. They won’t be disappointed !!!!

Steven B.