Dave Steinbaugh –the Boss Man – started the original Waters West in 1994 while still in Montana guiding for half the year and tying flies commercially year-round. The first and only printed mail order catalog was shipped from the West Yellowstone post office that year. It promoted custom flies, fly tying materials and the guide service that had also become a year-round affair. Dave began spending the winter months on the banks of the Sol Duc River in the late 80’s and then moved to Port Angeles shortly before opening the brick and mortar store in 1998. That closed the book on an incredible 15+ years in the southern half of Montana. Now he spends most of his time managing the day to day operations in the ever-changing retail store. Most of his days on the water are with the B and a two-handed rod chasing steelhead, salmon or sea-run cutthroats. His ultimate goal is to be that same fishing bum he once was.

Isabella Steinbaugh AKA “Bella” “B” “Beezer” “Killa B” is the real boss around the shop.  She loves sunbathing and big fish, and can usually be found within 20ft of Dave at all times. She’s a sucker for crunchy treats and may even tell you some of the Boss Man’s secret spots for the primo stuff.
Curt Reed – Head guide – Curt has been with Waters West for over a decade and is an integral part of and a major asset to the shop.  During this time, he has fished and guided extensively throughout the Olympic Peninsula with heavy emphasis on the famous steelhead rivers near Forks, Washington.  Curt is a skilled fisherman and a true professional.  A day on the water will always be fun and informative and most likely involve hands that smell of fish.  He’s a well-rounded fly tier, an outstanding spey caster and one of the best instructors around.  He teaches many of our classes and clinics on all things fly fishing and is available for private lessons as well.  His fly fishing roots began as a boy studying entomology and tying flies for his dad.  It wasn’t long until he had his first 4-weight and was hooked for life.  He has since evolved into a very knowledgeable, incredibly patient guide with a passion for fishing and a gift for teaching.

Katie Marr – Katie grew up in Florida, but first started fly fishing at college in North Carolina.  After graduating she put her Philosophy and Physics education to work by packing up what would fit into her jeep and moving to Montana to learn and fish in the trout mecca of West Yellowstone. After hearing rumors of steelhead, she packed up again to go find one. Originally having intentions of either guiding here or moving on to the next fish, she had already fallen in love with the unique and diverse ecology of the OP and, of course, the thrill of catching a wild steelhead on a swung fly. However, guiding got put on the backburner until wild steelhead return to a number that can sustain another guide on the rivers.

Justin Teschner – Justin grew up spending most of his early days targeting large rainbows and browns in the eleven mile and spinney mountain reservoirs and streams located in the colorful rocky mountains of Colorado. After moving to Washington and spending much of 3 years aggressively fishing the still waters, the allure of the west coast steelhead quickly shifted tackle, flies and ultimately changing his passion and professional life. He still finds excitement chasing down large trout, but no pursuit of fish has left him so humbles, frustrated, motivated and inspired as the OP steelhead. What Justin enjoys more than swinging flies on OP rivers and its steelhead, is setting others up with the right gear, flies, and seasonal knowledge. For Justin pursing these fish is his calling, but sharing that experience and getting others onto fish is what it’s all about.

Gabe Wegener – Gabe was born in Phoenix Arizona and moved to Port Angeles when he was 5 years old. Fishing has always been a passion of his even in Phoenix. Gabe remembers casting a tweety bird rod into some golf ponds by where his grandparents lived. His dad put a fly rod in his hands when he was 7 years old and he hasn’t put it down since. He is our local Pooh’s Pond and Hoko/Sekiu expert, and a very talented fly tyer. He’s taught quite a few classes here at the shop and has produced some quality tying videos. When he’s not chasing cutthroat or tying flies he’s at school at PA High or rowing for the schools crew team.