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Quick Release Indicators


These indicators are just a must-have for any stillwater trout fisherman. It solves several problems including quicker depth adjustment than thingamabobber, less kink in your leader, but the unique property is that it will release and slip down after you hook into a big fish, so you can fish as deep as you want (as long a leader under the indicator as you like) and you can still reel as much line in as you want to. Ie., if you're fishing 15 ft deep under an indicator, you're not stuck with 15 feet of leader left past your tip top when trying to land that 24 incher, like you are with standard indicators. But the quick adjustment makes it so in literally lesss than 5 seconds you can pop it, slide it down, and set it as a shorter depth to hit that fatty brown cruising in 2 feet of water.

Also, when I'm fishing shallow and don't want it to release, I just snug the plug in tighter and it fishes like a normal indicator.


These happen to be my favorite two colors for it as well. Red for bright light, chartruese for early morning/evening.
Date Added: 12/03/2011 by Tim Johnson
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