UV Polar Chenille


Polar Chenille has quickly become a favorite. This unique material has UV properties, is semi-translucent and comes in brilliant colors that glow. Best yet, all you need to do is wrap it on and tie it down... simple. For those of us tying flies for steelhead or Kings in off-color water this material has the right kind of presence to make our fly's glow. We're talking battery operated.

These fibers are erratic/confused and stiff enough to build shoulders, acting as a prop hackle on intruders, it can be wrapped and stands up just like a hackle, yet the fibers are supple enough to flow beautify in the water. Polar Chenille is a great addition to any intruder or trout streamer pattern with the quick and easy aspect that doesn't cut corners. And you get approx 3 yrds of this stuff!

Available in two Sizes:

Large: Fibers 1.24" long (this is the standard size)
Medium: Fibers 0.5" long


  1. Copper (w/ metallic flash blend)
  2. Gold (w/ metallic flash blend)
  3. Silver (w/ metallic flash blend)
  4. Olive
  5. Black
  6. Red
  7. Purple
  8. Hot Orange
  9. Hot Pink
  10. Chartreuse
  11. Fl. Fuchsia
  12. Pearl

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