Waddington Shanks


Today Waddington Shanks are primarily used for tying intruder style flies with a trailing hook looped off the back. Fireline, Tyger Leader, or heavy mono is used to connect a short shank, up eyed hook. Most common is an Octopus hook. Some commercial examples of these flies would be Signature Intruders, Hobo Speys, Pick 'Yer Pockets, etc. These doubled shanks provide a flat, even tying platform and they add just the right amount of weight to your fly, with or without lead eyes.

Another way to rig shank flies is to tie your fly on the shank without the loop of Fireline. You then thread your leader up the front eye, over the back of the fly through the base of the materials, and down through the back eye. Tie on a short shanked hook and use a short piece of junction tubing to help hold it in place. This set up is a lot like a tube fly.

Sizes 55ml, 45mm, 35mm, 25mm, and 15mm are all available in the silver finish Size 15ml is the only size still available with the classic black finish

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