Clear Cure Goo Thin


Clear Cure Goo Thin flows and smooths out much faster than the Thick. This is a great choice for a tier who is meticulous in their tying. It blends the ability to apply a good amount of material on a fly and being able to have it smooth out very nicely.

This produces a smoother finish but also penetrates materials like dubbing and feathers which provides a stronger bond.

Perfect for wing casings, nymphs, and midges.

Using the Clear Cure Goo Syringe is similar to using a caulk gun. To get started just apply a minimal amount of pressure. This will start the material coming out of the tip. Material will continue to come out until one of two things happens. You relieve the pressure in the syringe by pulling back slightly on the piston or enough material has come out of the syringe to even out the pressure on both sides of the syringe.
10 ml syringe with 1 tip and cover

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