Trout VersiLeaders


These sinking leaders are great for the winter as often times we need to get the fly directly in front of lethargic fish, swinging a streamer in his zone thus provoking a strike. In the summer sinking leaders allow us to fish deep pools and in the riffle-to sink a fly below the bubble screen. Which is where trout often seek shelter during hot summer days. These sinking leaders come in a variety of sink rates allowing you to target very specific depths, fine tuning your approach and leaving no stone unturned.

7ft or 12ft sinking leaders with a high tenacity 12lb nylon core.

Available in four sink rates:"ips"= "inches per second"

  • 1.5ips / 3ips / 5ips / 7ips


  • Ultra smooth, color-coded welded loop in the butt end
  • Easy to connect to any fly line
  • 12 lb breaking strength
  • 1.5ips only available for 12' length


All you do is add a 3ft-4ft length of tippet. For most trout applications 8lb Maxima will do, or Flourocarbon. Do not add a tapered leader to your VersiLeader, just tippet under 12lbs in strength.

  1. Pull Versileader out of package then unravel
  2. You'll see a 12" long clear tip
  3. Begin by tying a loop at the end of this VersiLeader using your favorite knot using either e.g
    • Rio-Tippet Ring *easiest, just use a clinch knot* / no-slip loop knot *strongest* / surgeons knot / perfection loop - (for best results make loops no longer than half an inch)
  4. Be sure to lubricate your knot before you cinch it tight
  5. Once you have made your loop, add tippet.
  6. In your 3ft-4ft long tippet tie a loop.
  7. Loop-to-loop both ends the same way you would with your leader to your fly line
  8. Catch fish

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  • Manufactured by: RIO

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