HMH Metal Tubes

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These rigid metal tubes from HMH come in light copper, heavy copper, and aluminum. The light copper are our favorite for longer winter steelhead flies, as they sink well while still remaining castable. The heavy copper are nice in 1/2" and 1", but as you go longer they are very heavy. The Aluminum are fairly light but offer a sturdy tying platform. All metal tubes come with micro tubing liner and junction tubing. The liner just needs to be cut to length (slightly longer than the tube) and then heated on both ends to lock it in. This protects your leader from abrasion.

10 per pack.

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1" Light Copper
1-1/2" Light Copper (add $.70)
2" Light Copper (add $.70)
2-1/2" Light Copper (add $.70)(out of Stock)
1/2" Heavy Copper
1" Heavy Copper
1-1/4" Heavy Copper (add $.70)
1-3/4" Heavy Copper (add $.70)
1-1/2" Heavy Copper (add $.70)
2" Heavy Copper (add $1.70)
2-1/2" Heavy Copper (add $1.70)
1/2" Aluminum
1" Aluminum
1-1/2" Aluminum (add $.70)
2" Aluminum (add $.70)

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