Intruder Ostrich Plumes


These beautiful feathers have all been hand selected in shop for their superior quality in tying "intruder" style flies. During the selection process, we look for nice even tips, proper fiber length, and overall straightness of fibers. The proper length allows you to tie in the fibers closer to the base, where it's stiffer and thus has better action in the water.

Intruder style flies usually consist of one or more "clumps" of ostrich fibers that have been spun in a dubbing loop and wrapped (or bunch tied) in front of either dubbing, spun Arctic fox tail or deer hair to "hold out" or prop the ostrich for a larger profile in the water. This creates the illusion of bulk without being water resistant and hard to cast.

Although we do use dubbing spinners a lot to tie these flies, the top few inches of most of these ostrich feathers are fine enough to wrap like a hackle for producing big angry collars or short palmers on your tube flies or Intruders.

Depending on the length of the feathers and the amount of fibers per feather there will be one or two feathers per bag. In today's ostrich feather market, these sorted feathers are a real value.


1. Hot Orange
2. Purple (OUT OF STOCK)
3. Yellow
4. Red
5. Gold
6. Lime Green
7. Hot Pink
8. Pale Shrimp Pink
9. Black
10. Dark Violet
11. Royal Blue
12. Kingfisher Blue
13. Shrimp (OUT OF STOCK)
14. Fuchsia (OUT OF STOCK)
15. Claret
16. White
17. Cotton Candy (not pictured)

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