Tie Your Own Suskwa Poacher

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The Suskwa Poachers slim profile and a somewhat leechy look in the water makes it one of the "must haves" for your steelhead box. Definitely in the top three for the Hoh R. and for BC steelhead. Also an excellent fly for all of the Pacific salmon.

These are all of the materials you will need to tie your own Suskwa Poachers. There are enough materials to tie around 3 dozen flies, but your limiting factor will be hooks and shanks. If you plan on tying the full 3 dozen, then make sure you add the additional materials.

Includes 1 fly to use as an example.

Materials Included:
Shank: OPST Intruder Shanks 20mm (20 per pack)
Thread: 6/0 pink Uni-thread
Trailer Hook: Size 2 Blue Gamakatsu Octopus Hook (8 pack)
Trailer Wire: Senyos Intruder Wire (Blue)
Body: Metallic Blue Flashabou
Chenille Bump (Under Marabou): Medium Black Chenille
Collar: 1 1/2 - 2 turns of black marabou, then purple marabou, then kingfisher blue schlappen
Flash: Pearl blue krystal flash and metallic blue flashabou
Egg: Small fluorescent red chenille

*For weighted version, we add x-small lead presentation eyes. (10 pk)

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