Arizona Diamond Dub


John Rohmer, master tier, master dubbing blender and brain child behind the Arizona diamond dub cocktails. These special blends have been commonly used to create fish magnet flies that catch the eye of the tier, and most importantly that of the fish you hunt. Two bird's one stone as they say. To throw a third bird into the bag, this particular Arizona Dub is user friendly. With or without moisture, Diamond dub spins onto thread easily, can be thrown into dubbing loops for hackle type collars, or used to build up eccentric buggy bodies on flies. There are plenty of ultra-buggy blends for your imitation trout flies, as well as a colorful assortment for hot spots for your anadromous flies.

  • Comes in 43 colors
  • Fiber lengths range from .75 inch - 1 inch
  • Fibers appear to consist of three densities / textures. Blended for an incredibly buggy look, this special blend velcro's together which equates to its easy handling. Ultra-fine fibers, medium thick fibers and larger fibers fibers which seem to be in close relation to a seal dub) This blend is buggy!
  • Favorite Flies: leech, Scuds, Caddis flies, stimulators or ultra-buoyant dries. Excellent for Hairs ear nymphs and stonefly imitations! As well as many baitfish applications (though remember fibers are only 1 in in length)
  • Colors:

    1. Ice Blue Brown
    2. Black
    5. Olive
    6. Copper/Olive
    9. Black/Red
    10. Blood Leech
    14. Black/Blue
    15. Firecracker
    19. Hares Ear
    21. Dark Hares Ear
    24. Oct Caddis
    30. Chartreuse
    31. Caddis Green
    32. Orange
    33. Tangerine
    34. Golden Yellow
    35. Yellow
    36. Red
    37. Pink
    38. Hot Pink
    39. Purple
    40. Violet
    41. Peacock
    43. Calilbaetis

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