Pro Microtubes


These thin, durable, 31mm tubes are ideal for virtually all tube flies. As with the Flexitubes, the Microtubes can be cut to any length, enabling you to tie very small to very large flies. A Pro Hookguide, which comes in different colors and sizes, is required for a hook support, and the Microtubes have a small "tap" molded into the back of the tube so the Hookguide will slide firmly on every time and hold hooks more securely than other tubing. Just by changing the color or size of the Hookguide one can dramatically change the appearance of the fly.
All of the Flexiweights, Bulletweights, Dropweights, Cones, Conediscs & Soft Sonic Discs will fit on all of the Microtubes, and the "tap" forms a perfect lip to slide the various weights onto. The confusion over which size accessory fits with which size tubing is over. It's never been more simple and easy to be an inspired, creative tube fly tier. 12 tubes per pack. $5.95

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1. Black
2. Red
3. Chartreuse
4. Clear
5. Orange

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