Arctic Fox Tails

Starting at: $4.95

Over the years, Waters West has gained a great reputation for superior quality custom-dyed fly tying materials and perhaps no one item has garnered more positive comments than our custom-dyed Arctic Fox tails.

All stunningly soft with hair up to 3 inches long. These large tails have gained popularity as a salmon and steelhead fly material, but are equally valuable for trout and saltwater flies. We sell as many tails to tiers fishing for bass, bonefish and redfish as we do to tiers fishing for steelhead and salmon.

It has the action of marabou in the water and is much more durable. The more you use this great hair, the more you will love it. It finishes a neat, small head on traditional hairwing wet flies. Twist some in a dubbing loop and wrap it underneath marabou or ostrich for intruders, winter tube flies and your other steelhead and salmon favorites. John Alevras winds some fox fore and aft on his beautiful Spey Grubs he ties for the shop.

These beautiful tails are the best you will find. The color selection and quality is second to none and the amount of hair per pack far exceeds any other brand. 90% of the tails (large, pure white tails from farm-raised animals) are prepared and dyed in house and many of the colors cannot be obtained from any other source. Compare Waters West's product to anything else and you'll see the real value.

Along with the 1/4 and 1/2 tails that we have always sold we are now offering a smaller piece of prime tail we call (for lack of a better name) Extra Select Tail Piece(as pictured above). These are all prime chunks from the best part of the arctic fox tail and there is no junk or short pieces allowed. Some tiers don't need as much hair as you'll get with the 1/4 or 1/2 tails, so these prime, extra select pieces are a perfect alternative.

Arctic Fox Color List:

4-Chocolate Brown (Disc.)
6- Fiery Brown
7- Claret
8- Fl. Red
9- Red
11-Dark Olive
12-Light Tan
13-Dark Tan
15-Burnt Orange
16-Hot Orange
17-Fl. Fire Orange
18-Black-Tipped Orange(Disc.)
21-Light Blue
23-Silver Doctor Blue
24-Kingfisher Blue
25-Peacock Blue
26-Midnight Blue
27-Shrimp Pink
28-Light Pink
30-Hot Pink
31-Fl. Cerise
33-Fl. Chartreuse
34-Lime Green
35-Highlander Green

Piece - $4.95
1/4 Tail - $7.95
1/2 Tail - $13.95


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