Airflo Polyleader Set


More and more fishermen are finding the beauty of Polyleaders; especially with Scandi Spey lines. Airflo provides a Leader Wallet with this collection of 7 different densities of leaders, which are; Floating, Hover, Intermediate, Slow Sink, Fast Sink, Super Fast Sink, and Extra Super Fast Sink. Yes, the Floating, Hover, and Intermediate leaders cast like a dream with superior turnover, but the real beauty is the way the sinking leaders cast. The sinking leaders are also tapered and many times you'll swear you're casting a floating leader. Of course this will depend on your fly. The sinking leaders are also very small in diameter so they sink like a rock and they all come with loop a connection, which makes them easy to install. As already stated, more Fly Fishermen are turning to this system.

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