Veevus GSP - Thread


GSP (Gel Spun Polyethylene) currently comes in two colors Black and White. Similar in strength as Kevlar thread, GSP thread is recognized as one of the strongest threads in the world. This thread is smooth and lays flat which is why many tiers commonly use GSP for spinning deer hair. Spinning deer hair isn't all this thread is good for. When you need a thread that wont brake as you crank down a mass of material (i.e musky flies, large saltwater flies), GSP holds up. Great for tying jigs! If your worried that GSP is too slick and think materials will slip out, simply make a few wraps to secure material then follow up with a small dab of superglue or head cement and continue laying down thread wraps until material is secured appropriately. Also, perfect for tightly spun dense composite loops. GSP is the added strength you need for industrial strength flies.

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