Beginners Steelhead Tying Materials


Tying steelhead flies is a different ball game than tying trout flies.
The colors are brighter, the flies are bigger, and generally there is a little more wiggle room for creativity. No matter the case, your trout materials probably won't cut it.

We've compiled a kit of materials that we consider the "basics" for tying steelhead flies including what we have found to be the most common colors and sizes used for steelhead fishing. It's a great way to get started tying anything from traditional to intruder flies, bunny leeches to spey grubs.

Materials Included:
  • 4 Colors of Chenille
  • 2 types of Thread
  • 2 types of Hooks
  • Shanks
  • Intruder Wire
  • Presentation Lead Eyes
  • Flashabou
  • Large Eyed Guinea
  • Cross-cut and Straight-cut Rabbit
  • 2 colors of Ice Dub
  • 2 colors of Chinese Saddle Hackle
  • 3 colors of Marabou
  • Grab bag of Arctic Fox
  • MFC Ostrich Plumes
  • Calf Tail

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