May The Rivers Never Sleep


Bill and John McMillan, father and son, were initially drawn to rivers and salmon through angling. Following in the footsteps of Canadian author and conservationist Roderick Haig-Brown, they gradually transitioned to a deeper learning about the lives of rivers through snorkeling. May The Rivers Never Sleep is a song of thanks to Haig-Brown's vision of rivers as calendars of life and places of revelation. The McMillans' river calendar - depicted through writing and photography - was shaped by thousands of hours angling, observing and snorkeling to document the diversity and patterns of river life above and below water. From winter steelhead to water ouzels, their perspective is that rivers are only ever-wakeful because of the wild creatures within. As wild fish continue to diminish however, the lives of rivers remain unclear. This book is the McMillans' wake-up call to nurture at all costs the natural resilience of wild-fish populations and the breadth of life they support so that rivers remain places of revelation for future anglers and scientists, as they have for the McMillan family.

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