Whiting Coq De Leon - Hen Saddle


Coq De Leon is the oldest known strain specifically bred for tying feathers, with references CDL as early as the year 1624. For hundreds of years CDL strain has been rigorously selected and perfected for it's unique characteristics, pedigree information and specifically its complex and attractive mottled patterns and natural color. And Whiting Farms has out done themselves, refining a near perfect strain of CDL.

These CDL Hen Saddles are soft, webby feathers in a naturally mottled pattern makes for the perfect feather for collars, nymph legs, and wing cases. For those who have tied with Coq De Leon, know that its unlike any soft hackle out there. First off the feathers are broad, much more than any other hen saddle on the market, the stems are thin and very strong, the high contrast mottling on each hackle barb is very buggy, with a friendly handling length and working length allowing as many as 3-8 wraps for each collar (average). Best buy for anybody tying a wide array flies.

  • Average feather length: 2" - 3"
  • Average working length: 1" - 2"
  • High contrast mottling
  • Comes in a multitude of easy to get colors
  • Extremely low cost allowing us to build an arsenal of color options
  • Options
    1-Brown Speckled
    2-Speckled Burnt Orange
    3-Speckled Fluor. Green Charteuse
    4-Speckled Salmon
    5-Speckled Yellow
    6-Speckled Brown

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