Shock and Awe - Purple


This pattern is 2.5" long (does NOT come with the pictured hook (SC15 size 2).

The Shock and Awe is a great tube fly that uses the X-Eyed Cones not only for weight but to help create the shape and profile of the fly. The profile of the Shock and Awe pattern is a great match for herring, which are a favorite food item of every saltwater fish in the Pacific Northwest. Tube flies last a long time as the fly will often run up the leader from the hook away from the fish's teeth. We recommend the following hooks for using with saltwater tube flies.

Why do we tie on tubes? The idea of tube flies are they tend to last longer and we get to pick our own hook size and quality. Also, when the fish takes the fly the hook dislodges from the back of the tube and will often run up and down the leader far away from any spiny teeth as you fight the fish. So flies last longer!

How to Use: Run leader through the top of the tube, slide tube fly up leader out of the way, tie hook onto leader with a simple clinch knot, slide tube back down then lodge eye of hook into junction tubing until hook is seated in the rubber tube. It's really easy.

* Hooks not provided, see below for tube fly hook recommendation *

We recommend the following hooks for use with saltwater tube flies.

  • Alec Jackson Tube Fly Hooks: sz 5 for for 15" to smaller trout / sz 3 for trout over 15" and Coho Salmon - short shank hook (perfect if you want to keep the hook as close to the head as possible)
  • Gamakastu SC15: sz 2 - our go to Coastal Cutthroat trout hook
  • TMC 811S: Sz 8 - smaller/discrete extra strong hook great for trout and even larger Coho Salmon in the salt
  • Gamakatsu SL11-3H: sz 6 - longer shank, 3X strong hook great for larger trout and Coho Salmon in the salt

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