hook Size: #10 / Length: 1.25 inch

Every Spring Chum and Pink salmon fry emerge from the substrate gravel bottoms in our coastal rivers and make their march out to the ocean. During this signal of Spring all the predatory trout species line up as they feast on this overwhelming abundant food source and will "key in", often overlooking anything else. This is where matching the hatch becomes critical.

Also a critical pattern to have stashed away in the fly box for any freshwater or stillwater scenario where there is a bloom of hatching fry, typically right as waters begin to warm after the winter thaw.

We stock and fish these fly sizes as a series which often becomes critical as we need to match the size of these tinny baitfish as the season progresses. These are the Smallest to Largest patterns

Medium-Lord of the Frys or Eyed Fry (just Color variation)
Large-Pin Head

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