Mr Hankey


#4. Length: 2.75 inches (from front of fly to hook bend in the rear). This is the larger variation of the Mini Hankey. Finally a mouse pattern that got it right! These are designed to fish. Popularized on the Kenektok, Alaska for big leopard rainbows, this fly has fast become a reliable pattern. The trailing hook in the rear helps increase the hook up ratio and once hooked these Gamakastu Octopus hooks keep the fish on. With the foam on the top this fly stays high on the surface and because of the clever design of the foam ears, which are cupped upwards, this helps pull the fly up ontop of the water rather than diving or sinking as you strip the fly. Whether it be the Octopus hook in the rear, the realistic mouse like profile, furry belly, rubber legs, what ever it is this fly just seems to flat out catch fish.

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