FlashBack Bug


Here our brand new steelhead pattern The FlashBack Bug... A modern wake fly thoroughly tested on waters in Oregon and BC - It wakes effortlessly in rough and calm water - Tied on our Riffling Hitch tube - Featuring a highly visible iridescent foam-back, that will reflect light above and under water. The body is made from the fantastic Arizona Semi seal dubbing in the color Canadian Orange. It can be fished at an angle or may be pulled in a stop and go motion

Hooks: We suggest you use hooks like: OWNER SSW 5180 sz 4, Gamakatsu C14S sz 2, OPST Swing Hooks sz 2 or 3, 3's work great for Grand Rhonde steelhead and even down to sz 6 if you think you might run into a bunch of smaller trout as well. (unnecessarily large hooks tend to lodge into the gills and tongue causing fatal bleed outs.)

How it works: The line is entered through a hole in the belly of the fly - This will make the fly pull to the surface and wake

Why Tubes? Better hooking - no leverage problems - Less weight - Greater versatility

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