Buffalo Gold Gloves - Small

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When you need something serious to protect you from the cold.

Have you ever seen a shivering bison? There is a reason for it, the downy undercoat that protects the largest land mammal in the western hemisphere warm and cozy in temperatures down to -40f. Bison fiber is ultra-insulating, wicks moisture away from your skin, and really is soft and amazingly comfortable.

The extremities can get very cold very quickly. Fingers and toes have a high surface area compared to their volume - this means they lose heat easily and generate and retain heat poorly. Particular attention should be paid to keeping them warm.

Quick facts about Bison fiber The hairs are made up of five hairs, the outer guard hairs are hollow, course and a micron count that starts at 21 and go upward. But it is the super-soft undercoat of the downy hair that we use for our premium bison down products. The "down" micron count is between 14-18. The hair contains no lanolin, which is the source of many wool allergies, making it an excellent allergy-free fiber. Buffalo down is a very warm, insulating fiber that is warmer and more comfortable to wear than sheep's wool. Care of Bison: Bison fiber is bison tough, our gear can be machine washed in warm water and dried in the dryer on gentle cycle. Machine washing will create a soft halo to your garment. Should you choose not to create the halo effect, hand wash and lay flat to dry.

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