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also available REDINGTON CHROMER – Winter Steelhead Package

* Comes with the whole kit and caboodle! Build with summer steelhead in mind, this is a high quality rod package at the lowest price point on the market. *


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Spey Rod: Redington-Chromer, a true fast action rod capable of busting out high line speeds. Great for anglers who’ve developed a taste for “Fast Action” rods. For the value, the Chromer is hard to beat.

Reel: Redington – Behemoth Reel Our number one selling reel “friendly priced” for steelhead. Practical, reliable and aesthetically pleasing. Balances well with the Chromer rod.

Shooting/Running Line: OPST LAZAR LINE, most popular and our personal favorite. A running line that is virtually memory free, low stretch and super slick for longer casts hence the name “Lazar” line

Shooting Head: Rage Compact. A best seller. Our pick for a summer line most casters can use. It’s shorter and heavier summer line. More of a cross between Scandi and Skagit heads. With a polyleader, will throw Itsy-bitsy spey flies and still capable of handling a light sink tip and medium-large (slightly weighted) fly.

Polyleader: Airflow Polyleader. Offers a smoother transition from the shooting head to the fly. The polyleader is great for turning over bulky and heavy wind resistant flies like Bombers or Muddlers


Redington – 7126 Chromer 12′ 6″ or 7136 Chromer 13′ 6″
Redington – Behemoth Reel
Airflow – Rage Compact 420gr
OPST – Lazar Running Line – 35lb
Airflo – Polyleader 14ft FLOAT
Maxima – 1 spool of 8lb tippet
Backing – 150 yrds 30lb

New for 2017 Redington Chromer. We’ve assembled our top two summer steelhead picks for the avid angler looking to hit the water without having to wade through the muddy confusion associated with today’s world of Spey. We’ve done our best to simplify your process of deciding which rod and what line. With the correct balance of grains and running line, The Redington Chromer spey rod coupled with the Redington Behemoth reel is a great launching pad for any angler looking for a premo summer steelhead package ready to fish.


7126 or 7136?

CHROMER 7126: This is a sweet shorter summer steelhead rod perfect for smaller rivers, tighter quarters or fishing tight brushy areas. We opt for the 12ft 6inch rods on smaller summer steelhead rivers like the Grande Rhonde, Wa or North Umpqua, OR. Great news about the 7126 if you find yourself fishing a big summer river you wont feel undergunned. If things turn south and you find yourself fishing in dirty water conditions you can change to a Skagit shooting head and throw light sink tips and a little bit larger fly.

CHROMER 7136: This is the ultimate summer steelhead rod that will also double as a light winter steelhead rod. The 13ft 6 inch length makes it ideal for picking up longer lines (such as the Rage Compact), has greater mending capabilities and of course, will cast further than the shorter 7126. If you plan on fishing larger rivers like the Deschutes, OR or the Clearwater, ID than the 7136 will be your bread and butter. Great news for those who fish for winter steel (though the ultimate winter rod is the burly 8136) the 7136  will also double as a light winter rod capable of throwing larger flies and heavier sink tips.

Package Item Details

The new CHROMER rods are the ultimate tool for the two-handed angler. We have fished these rods and sold many to clients and friends, all of which love the rods for thier efficiency, cool matte black style and of course, the cost is very friendly. These rods are light in hand and have a surprising power behind their light feel. The rod actions are refined to suit a variety of casting and line styles, (i.e Skagit or Scandi) the rods also feature custom polymer gripping sections on the top and bottom handles. These unique pinch grip sections allow for easy running line management during spey casts and added comfort over a long day of fishing. Over all we love carrying and fishing these Chromer rods and proud to include it into our package deal for summer steelhead.


Top Poly grip improves in hand feel and aids in pinching mono running line so as not slip out of your fingers so easily.

Bottom hand polygrip helps with in hand feel. Some guides and casting instructors agree this incidentally helps remind the caster to emphasize use of the bottom hand which is critical to consistently driving powerful casts.


  • Super-smooth fast action
  • Downlocking reel seat for improved in-hand balance
  • Polymer Pinch Grip sections on top and bottom handle
  • Polymer grips maintain body temperature for comfortable winter fishing
  • Matte finish blank for flash reduction
  • Section tips epoxy coated to prevent sticking
  • Full Anodized aluminum reel seat Premium gradecork handles
  • Fully protective cordura rod tube with dividers
  • Lifetime warranty


Why did we pick the Behemoth? Our new BEHEMOTH reel has been very popular on the Olympic Peninsula, especially for our winter steelhead enthusiasts. Combines the most powerful drag  and tunning aesthetics that push the limits of fly reel design. The unique, un-machinable, die-cast construction is coupled with a durable, interlocking, large-arbor spool design that both looks and functions like a premium reel. A super-heavy duty carbon fiber drag package brings the utmost in drag strength, reliability and performance to the family. Sized for your Redington Chromer the BEHEMOTH reels offer performance and affordability to beginner and veteran anglers alike.

  • Most powerful drag in its class
  • Adjustable, CarbonFiber drag
  • Unmachinable, unique Die-cast construction
  • Large arbor design speeds retrieve and reduces line memory
  • Oversized drag knob foreasy adjustment
  • Easily converts to left or right hand retrieve
  • Deep V-Spool for increased backing capacity
  • Twin molded, soft-touch ergonomic handles
  • Nylon reel case included

Lifetime warranty



Here on the Olympic Peninsula we know spey and we’ve selected the Rage Compact for its versatility, proven reliability and its our top pick for a summer line that is the easiest to cast while still being a true summer line. We also opt for this head for anglers new to the Scandi game because the head is just a wee-bit shorter than standard Scandi lines. Also with the Rage Compact you have the ability to throw a light T-8 sink tip or the heaviest of the sinking polyleaders for when you need to get the fly down. This is really important to note as some standard Scandi lines do not offer this capability.

  • Rage Compact is just a bit easier to cast than standard longer Scandi lines
  • Allows you to throw a T-8 sink tip or any of the sinking Polyleaders
  • This line keeps you in the “Floating” game under extremely windy and tight quarter casting situations.
  • The front loop has the line size printed on it for easy recognition.
  • Built on low stretch, low memory braided Power Core.

OPST LAZAR LINE 35lb – Running Line
Another hot product from OPST and we have been personally fishing this running line for a few years now and recommend it to to anybody looking for a memory free mono running line that allows the angler to cast further and have a light sensitive touch to the fly during the swing.

OPST Pure Skagit Lazar Line is the finest running line available.


  • 50 meters comes already spooled on your reel
  • Hydrophobic
  • Exceptional durability
  • Consistent performance in hot and cold conditions
  • No permanent memory at any temperature
  • High visibility
  • Ties beautiful knots
  • Calculated stretch- high knot strengt

We Spool on the running line for you!

AIRFLO POLYLEADER – Float / 14 – Floating Tip
The 14′ Salmon and Steelhead Polyleaders offers a smoother transition from the head to the fly. The polyleader is great for turning over bulky and heavy wind resistant flies like Bombers or Muddlers.We decided to give you the floating tip due to the fact FLOAT is the most commonly used tips and so you could fish any piece of water without dragging bottom. There are a few other sinking polyleaders that you may want to have in your arsenal. If so here is the link. Click Here Enjoy!

(you do not need to put a tip on the end of you Rage Compact but it helps smooth out the turn over due to the fact the Rage has less of a gradual taper at the end closely to that as a Skagit. To put it plainly a polyleader helps cast larger flies and makes for a sweeter cast and presentation.

Maxima 8lb –  Tippet Spool
8lb moss green tapered leader.

We loop-to-loop all leaders and tips so all you need to do is run the fly line through the guides, tie on a fly and get to fishing.



Have fun out there!