SAGE PULSE – single hand rods: *FAST ACTION*. Whether your a dry fly fisherman or the die hard steelhead swinger.       $450.00 Save: 15% off = $552.50

Trout Fishing From a Drift Boat/Smaller Rivers: 5wt 8′ 6″ (586-4 PULSE) built to cast a wide variety of fly sizes and weights makes it a great rod for wade fishing for trout. Because of the shorter length the 8′ 6″ inch is the perfect length for drift boat fishing, specifically so, pounding the bank with streamers and large terrestrials/simulators.

Trout Dry Flies and Nymphing: 4wt 9′ (490-4 PULSE) A light and versatile trout rod, for dry flies and smaller nymphs.

*Trout: 5wt 9′ (590-4 PULSE) Sage’s most versatile and *most popular rod model*. Handles trout flies of nearly any size and lines of varying densities.

Trout Streamers/Big Bass Bugs: 6wt 9′ ( 690-4PULSE) A streamer junkie’s favorite, this rod has enough power to cast big streamers or bass bugs all day. The 691-4 PULSE is saltwater-ready with an anodized aluminum reel seat.

Steelhead/Larger Saltwater Species: 8wt 9′ (890-4 PULSE) Great steelhead rod that will throw larger sinking leaders and flies, as well as the nymph rigs. The 8wt is the go-to saltwater model. Able to effectively present flies and handle the fight with bonefish, redfish, striped bass, largemouth bass or other similarly-sized species. Best option for steelhead nymph fishing out of a boat.

Steelhead Streamers and Nymphing: 8wt 9′ 6″ (896-4 PULSE) for anglers fishing heavy, sinking lines or heavy, multiple-fly nymphing rigs to anadromous species. The added lenght give more mending control and added distance to your cast.

Trout Stillwater Chironomid/Big River Trout Streamers: 5wt 9′ 6″ (596-4 PULSE) A slightly longer five-weight to aid in casting distance and line control (better mending capabilities) when fishing for trout. The 596-4 PULSE is great for big river fishing, nymphing and stillwater situations when fishing chironomid rigs using extra long leaders. Also, the rods extra length adds distance to your cast.

Trout Euro Nymphing: 3wt 10′ (3100-4 PULSE) is a European-style nymphing rod that allows anglers to fish a variety of long and short line techniques with varying fly sizes. This is a go-to Euro rod.

Steelhead Steamer or Nymphing/Large Trout Stillwater Chironomid: 7wt 10′ (7100-4 PULSE) offers the greatest line control (mending capabilities) of all 7-weights. Due to the exceptional length you have incredible mending capability in rivers and distance casts are lengthened on lakes or bigger rivers. Will make for great summer steelhead rod. Consider the 10ft for its incredible mending capabilities allowing the angler to work a fly or indicator rig through tricky riffles and runs. If fishing lakes with long leaders like many Chironomid fisherman of British Columbia who at times may fish tapered leaders up to 20ft these longer rods get the lift you need for such a task.



SAGE PULSE – two handed Spey/Switch rods: *FAST ACTION*        $650.00 save: 15% off = $552.50

Trout: 3WT 11′ 0″(3110-4 PULSE) a Trout Spey rod designed specifically for two handed casting and swinging flies for trout. Ideal for swinging streamers to trout with Skagit lines and light sink-tips. Target grain weight: 250. this 3WT switch is equivalent to about a 6 wt single handed rod due to the leverage of the longer rod.

Steelhead – Summer and smaller winter rivers: 6WT 12′ 6″ (6126-4 PULSE) Ideally suited for a multitude of steelhead, light salmon, and big trout and works well with Scandi, Skagit, or Traditional spey lines. Excellent rod for rivers like the Grande Ronde, WA.

Steelhead – *All-round summer and winter*: 7WT 13′ (7130-4 PULSE) BEST all-round rod. 7130-4 PULSE Spey is a go-to choice for anglers chasing anadromous species on the swing. From Skagit lines and intruders for winter steelhead to Traditional spey lines and classic flies for summer steelhead.

Steelhead – Winter: 8WT 13′ 6″ (8136-4 PULSE) *Go to winter steelhead* angler has an ideal rod in the 8136-4 PULSE Spey. Big fish, heavy sinking tips and big rivers. Able to handle the unique demands that anadromous species require.



SAGE MOTIVE       $450.00 save: 15% off = $382.50

single handed rods: *MEDIUM FAST ACTION* a little easier to cast for anglers who may not have quite developed the strength/technique to load stiffer fast action rods and are enabled to cast all day due to its light weight. The MOTIVE has the capabilities of casting distance and powering through the wind without the broomstick feel of modern “fast action” rods. Best yet at a friendly price. Here’s the line up…

Trout/Coastal Cutthroat/Bass/Smaller Saltwater Species: 6wt 9′ (990-4 MOTIVE) best all-round trout rod. Handles fast-sinking lines and packs enough power for big permit and snook, striped bass and around here in the Northwest, the 6wt is the pick of the litter for Coastal Cutthroat beach fishing.

Trout/Coastal Cutthroat/Salmon/other Salt Water Species: 7wt 9′ (790-4 MOTIVE) though still a great pick for freshwater trout fishing the 7WT is the best all-round saltwater species rod. Applications are many: bonefish, redfish, salmon, sea trout. For here in the Northwest, these 7wt’s are the go to for all salmon, summer steelhead, and an essential tool for beach fishing for coastal Cutthroat when the afternoon winds decide to pick up.

Salmon/Steelhead/Medium to Larger Saltwater Species: 8wt 9′ (890-4 MOTIVE)The most versatile and popular of the MOTIVE family, the 890-4 is ready for action in a multitude of fisheries. Built to handle large flies and lines, the rod can do battle with bonefish, permit, snook, baby tarpon, striped bass and salmon/steelhead.

Largest of Salmon/ Big Saltwater Species: 9wt 9′ (990-4 MOTIVE) handles fast-sinking lines and packs enough power for big permit and snook, striped bass and more.

Go to Tarpon rod: 11wt 9ft (1190-4 MOTIVE) 11 weight rods are becoming the go-to size for tarpon.

 For the big boys: 12wt 9ft (1290-4 MOTIVE) is strong enough for any tarpon or GT.



SAGE 2200 SERIES       $129.00 save: 15% off = starting at $109. 65

This is a large arbor with rugged machined die-cast frame, generous concave spool surface, whisper-smooth carbon drag and unexpected finishing touches like its fully machined drag knob and handle, the 2200 gives you high quality tools without the costly expense of a fully machined aluminum and anodized frame and spool. available in 3 flavors: Black Platinum / Black Blaze / Black Lime (in reel sizes: 3-4 / 5-6 / 7-8 / 9-10. From a lightest weight 3-4 (4 7/8oz)  to the heaviest in lineup 9-10 (7 13/16oz).

For check out, all items are available online Closeouts and Bargains / rods and reels... If you have any questions about availability or if you have questions about pairing up a rod, reel, backing, line or for any other questions always feel free to call our shop (hours Mon-Sat 9:30am – 6:30pm / Sun 11:00am – 5:00pm)


Happy Fishing!