New tutorial videos for the “Twisted Hitch”

Dirty Hoh from Aqua Flies

If you’ve purchased any of our new steelhead flies that have the hook attached to the rabbit strip with braided line, such as the Dirty Hoh from Aqua Flies, you may have run into the dilemma of figuring out how to change out hooks.

Twisted Hitch”: a clever rigging method used by Tiers like Jerry French that allows you to attach a trailer hook to the back of a rabbit strip, while having a hook that can be changed out on the water easily…(ssssort of easily…) an still having a tail that will move freely in the water and maintaining a minimal amount of leverage. (which often pulls the hook out of the fishes mouth)

We have developed a “How To” tutorial on changing out hooks for your Dirty Hoh fly.

Here is a link to our Youtube Channel

click here: Twisted Hitch – Waters West Fly Shop

We are in the process of developing more modern tying and casting video’s, so stay tuned and check back in the near future for a stream of new videos and ideas

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