ECHO ION XL 8wt – steelhead, salmon

Retail Items = $349.80 / Your Cost = $299.95   

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* quality steelhead, salmon set-up at the best price on the market. In our shop and for our large anadromous species the ION XL is our best selling rod for the value


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Fly Rod: ECHO ION XL 8wt 9″, a Med-fast action rod which suits casters who may need a rod capable of handling heavier flies but don’t partiality like the stiffer “Fast-Action” rods… or cant afford them. This Medium-Fast action is best for novice casters but of course has got the backbone for those of you who’ve developed a powerful cast. The 8wt were designed for trout, steelhead, salmon, permit and bonefish. These rods are saltwater resistant and our top pick for the value.

Fly Line: RIO GOLD. A true all-round line which is heavier thus making it easy to load the rod (just means it casts easier). Will throw sinking leaders, nymph rigs and great for dry’s/skaters… seriously it’s known as one of the best all-round fly lines to-date.

Reel: LAMSON LIQUID Our best selling low cost reel, we’ve sold many and own these reels personally. We’ve put them through guided seasons, fished them in the salt, steelhead, salmon, trout these reels are the ultimate in “gets the job done”.

We’ve assembled this top pick for the avid angler looking to hit the water without having to wade through the muddy confusion associated with today’s world of fly fishing gear. ECHO ION 8wt is a great launching pad for today’s angler looking for a premo package ready to fish.


ECHO ROD- ION-XL 890 (9ft 8wt)
LAMSON Reel – Liquid 3.5
Rio Fly Line – Gold WF8wt
Rio Tapered Leader – Powerflex Trout
100 yrds of 20lb backing
Package comes ready to fish. We spool everything on so all you have to do is attach the reel to the rod, run the line through the guides and tie on a fly.



Redington Hydrogen – Trout Spey Package

Retail Items = $570.80 / Your Cost = $494.00

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Switch Rod: Redington-Hydrogen, a super light rod with less swing weight and incredibly sensitive. These rods are sweet and hard to beat for the price

Reel: Redington – Behemoth Reel Our number one selling reel “friendly priced” for steelhead. Practical, reliable and aesthetically pleasing. Balances well with the Chromer rod.

Shooting/Running Line: OPST LAZAR LINE, most popular and our personal favorite. A running line that is virtually memory free, low stretch and super slick for longer casts hence the name “Lazar” line

Shooting Head: OPST COMMANDO. A best seller. Our pick for a line that does jsut about anything you ask of it. We have been using these head for a few years now and have found that most anybody can cast them, they throw large streamers like a pro and land softly (we often fish these line in the upper reaches of the olympic Penisnula… those are extreme low and clear conditions. Capable of handling a floating to light sink tip and medium-large (slightly weighted) fly.

TIP: OPST COMMANDO SINK TIP. At 12 in length Offers a smooth transition from the shooting head to the fly. Great for turning over bulky and heavy wind resistant flies like Sculpzilla’s and Dali Lama’s.(those are just large/heavy flies)… Think of a fat wet hamster on the end of your leader.


Redington – 11′ 3″ 3wt Hydrogen Trout Spey 3113-4 or 11′ 6″ 4wt Hydrogen Trout Spey 4116-4

Redington – Behemoth Reel 5/6 for 3113-47/8 for 4116-4

OPST – Commando Head – 250gr

OPST – Lazar Running Line – 35lb

OPST – Sink Tip – Riffle (96gr, S2/3)

Backing – 100 yrds 20lb

Leader – 6ft Maxima 8lb

* Bonus* 1 Dozen Flies – Consisting of streamers and a few soft hackles that we have selected as our most productive trout patterns

We’ve assembled our top pick for the avid angler looking to hit the water without having to wade through the muddy confusion associated with today’s world of Spey. With the correct balance of grains and running line, The Redington Hydrogen rod coupled with the Behemoth reel is a great launching pad for any angler looking for a premo package ready to fish.

Package comes ready to fish. We spool everything on so all you have to do is attach the reel to the rod, run the line through the guides and tie on a fly.

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SAGE PULSE – single hand rods: *FAST ACTION*. Whether your a dry fly fisherman or the die hard steelhead swinger.       $450.00 Save: 15% off = $552.50

Trout Fishing From a Drift Boat/Smaller Rivers: 5wt 8′ 6″ (586-4 PULSE) built to cast a wide variety of fly sizes and weights makes it a great rod for wade fishing for trout. Because of the shorter length the 8′ 6″ inch is the perfect length for drift boat fishing, specifically so, pounding the bank with streamers and large terrestrials/simulators.

Trout Dry Flies and Nymphing: 4wt 9′ (490-4 PULSE) A light and versatile trout rod, for dry flies and smaller nymphs.

*Trout: 5wt 9′ (590-4 PULSE) Sage’s most versatile and *most popular rod model*. Handles trout flies of nearly any size and lines of varying densities.

Trout Streamers/Big Bass Bugs: 6wt 9′ ( 690-4PULSE) A streamer junkie’s favorite, this rod has enough power to cast big streamers or bass bugs all day. The 691-4 PULSE is saltwater-ready with an anodized aluminum reel seat.

Steelhead/Larger Saltwater Species: 8wt 9′ (890-4 PULSE) Great steelhead rod that will throw larger sinking leaders and flies, as well as the nymph rigs. The 8wt is the go-to saltwater model. Able to effectively present flies and handle the fight with bonefish, redfish, striped bass, largemouth bass or other similarly-sized species. Best option for steelhead nymph fishing out of a boat.

Steelhead Streamers and Nymphing: 8wt 9′ 6″ (896-4 PULSE) for anglers fishing heavy, sinking lines or heavy, multiple-fly nymphing rigs to anadromous species. The added lenght give more mending control and added distance to your cast.

Trout Stillwater Chironomid/Big River Trout Streamers: 5wt 9′ 6″ (596-4 PULSE) A slightly longer five-weight to aid in casting distance and line control (better mending capabilities) when fishing for trout. The 596-4 PULSE is great for big river fishing, nymphing and stillwater situations when fishing chironomid rigs using extra long leaders. Also, the rods extra length adds distance to your cast.

Trout Euro Nymphing: 3wt 10′ (3100-4 PULSE) is a European-style nymphing rod that allows anglers to fish a variety of long and short line techniques with varying fly sizes. This is a go-to Euro rod.

Steelhead Steamer or Nymphing/Large Trout Stillwater Chironomid: 7wt 10′ (7100-4 PULSE) offers the greatest line control (mending capabilities) of all 7-weights. Due to the exceptional length you have incredible mending capability in rivers and distance casts are lengthened on lakes or bigger rivers. Will make for great summer steelhead rod. Consider the 10ft for its incredible mending capabilities allowing the angler to work a fly or indicator rig through tricky riffles and runs. If fishing lakes with long leaders like many Chironomid fisherman of British Columbia who at times may fish tapered leaders up to 20ft these longer rods get the lift you need for such a task.



25 Best National Parks to Fly Fish

Coming out in June! Perfect timing for your summer adventures. The boss man, Dave Steinbaugh, wrote the section on the Olympic Peninsula too, so be on the lookout for this book.


“25 Best National Parks to Fly Fish celebrates the phenomenal fly-fishing opportunities in the National Park System, and the centennial of the National Park Service stewardship. Authors Terry and Wendy Gunn tap into the collective knowledge of some of the most accomplished guides and anglers working the waters both inside and adjoining the nation’s most accessible national parks. From jumping tarpon in the Everglades, high-sticking for brook trout in the small creeks of the Great Smoky Mountains, and throwing line in the high-alpine lakes of the Rocky Mountains, these authors and contributors share their deep knowledge of each park and the many species that inhabit their waters. In addition to the detailed GIS maps, recommended flies, hatches, hot spots, and suggestions for gear, lodging, and dining for each location, this book contains more than 150 stunning, 4-color location photos that will make you want to pack up your gear and hit the road for a world-class experience in America’s national parks!” – 25 Best National Parks To Fly Fish



Beach and Lake Fly Tying Demo w/ Jeffrey Delia

Jeffrey Delia at Waters West for a free BEACH AND LAKE fly tying demo!

Saturday May 21st @ 1pm!

Jeffrey is a well known fly tyer, developing flies that are not just pretty but EFFECTIVE. Our personal go to for beach fishing is almost always the conehead squid created by Mr. Delia himself.

With the possibility of closures looming, beach and lake fishing may be a safe bet this summer, and
this is a great demo to attend for those who don’t even tie. The man has tons of info on not only beach fishing, but lake fishing as well, AND HE WANTS TO SHARE.

It’s hard to come by a genuinely well informed person who is willing to divulge info that took him a lifetime to cultivate, you wont want to miss it.

It’s FREE! Hit the farmers market before hand, wonder around downtown and swing on by 1pm for some quality information and tying demo.

Class Schedule and Free stuff!

Spey Classes!

We’ve got some more Spey Class dates! These classes fill up quick, so jump on it.


  • Sunday Jan 10th 2016
  • Saturday Jan 30th 2016
  • Saturday Feb 13th 2016

Time: 9-3ish

Place: Either the Elwha under the Pedestrian Bridge or on a West End river.

Cost: $95


Fly Tying Courses!

Our Steelhead Fly Tying Course is getting full fast, but we’ve still got spots open for both the 3-530pm and 6-830pm class time

These are 3 class courses that cover a wide variety of techniques and flies to provide a foundation for future tying endeavors. We offer a Beginners Course and a Steelhead Course, and both will leave you with effective flies for the OP and beyond.

Get more info by clicking here!


We’ve also got some free stuff happening!

We’re putting on free tying demos every Saturday starting Jan 9th, 2016 at 10am. It’ll mostly be Waters West staff with a few special guests sprinkled in here and there.

We are also doing Open Tie Nights every Tuesday starting Jan 5th, 2016 from 6-8. This is a BYOStuff event. Whatever you want to tie, no instruction, just hanging out and tying after hours with good people and probably some beverages. Note that the shop closes at 6:30 for ordinary folk, but we’ll keep the cash register open for those tying 😉