Saturday’s Sunset

Both Curt and Chris were out Saturday evening and had to get photos of the amazing sunset.

Curt was heading home from a day of guiding and took this shot at Lake Crescent.

Lake Crescent Sunset

Chris was out at Neah Bay Saturday evening and took this photo.

neah bay sunset

We hope you were out on the Peninsula this past weekend and were able to see this incredible sunset in person.

Coastal Pictures

There is nothing better than a calm, sunny day out on the coast.


Neah Bay Report

You never just find yourself out at Neah Bay.  Highway 112 twists and turns around 60 miles from Port Angeles before the road ends at a small tribal fishing village.  There are few fishermen that make the trek prior to the halibut and salmon seasons.

Fly anglers will have to wait until July for the incredible salmon fishing this town is known for.  For those willing to hit the windows between storms springtime offers loads of rockfish and a shot at lingcod.  Chris made the trip a couple days ago and found good fishing even if the wind limited where he could fish.

Lighthouse at the Northwest Corner of Washington State

The conditions made it difficult to keep a fly right near the bottom for lingcod, but the black rockfish suspend in the water column and provide excellent sport on a cast fly.  No fish were seen boiling on the surface so that meant throwing sinking lines and baitfish patterns like the clouser minnow.

Another upside is the wildlife viewing on the coast.  You will always see marine mammals such as sea lions and seals and most days you will see a whale, porpoises, or sea otters.  There are also thousands of sea-birds nesting and feeding around Cape Flattery and Tatoosh Island.  It is worth spending time there even without a fly rod but catching a few fish on the fly makes it just that much sweeter.

Signs of Spring

Curt spent some time on the West End Rivers recently and got us these Springtime shots.  The rivers are currently rising but there should be a nice shot of fresh fish when the rivers drop in to shape early next week.

Steelhead Fly Fishing Sol Duc River

Fresh bloom along the river. Spring on the Olympic Peninsula - Fresh Steelhead and Blooms on the river.

Skwala along the river in the Olympic Peninsula

Flowers about to bloom along an Olympic Peninsula River