Big Dries for Olympic Peninsula Trout

Big dries for Olympic Peninsula trout


A Cutthroat more than happy to take this Cellophane Wing Green Drake Pattern

We fish them big and we fish them fast. On the Olympic Peninsula you may find our Cutties ready to take what ever is properly presented, though at times they may seem finicky, our fish are highly opportunistic. Nymphs, small dry’s-big dry’s, small soft hackles – big 3.5 inch rabbit strip streamers, our Cutties will eat them. Of all these flies there is one that is held most high, and that’s the dry fly.

Its not that we are purest dry fly enthusiasts (though admittedly most of us secretly are) its that OP trout crush the largest surface patterns with surprising enthusiasm. Often the bigger the better. On the Olympic Peninsula our Cutthroat trout break the norm, having a short feeding period they are highly aggressive and are looking for any opportunity to feed.


How To “Twisted Hitch” – changing hooks out on the Dirty Hoh


New tutorial videos for the “Twisted Hitch”

Dirty Hoh from Aqua Flies

If you’ve purchased any of our new steelhead flies that have the hook attached to the rabbit strip with braided line, such as the Dirty Hoh from Aqua Flies, you may have run into the dilemma of figuring out how to change out hooks.

Twisted Hitch”: a clever rigging method used by Tiers like Jerry French that allows you to attach a trailer hook to the back of a rabbit strip, while having a hook that can be changed out on the water easily…(ssssort of easily…) an still having a tail that will move freely in the water and maintaining a minimal amount of leverage. (which often pulls the hook out of the fishes mouth)

We have developed a “How To” tutorial on changing out hooks for your Dirty Hoh fly.

Here is a link to our Youtube Channel

click here: Twisted Hitch – Waters West Fly Shop

We are in the process of developing more modern tying and casting video’s, so stay tuned and check back in the near future for a stream of new videos and ideas

How to tie in Intruder / trailer / articulation wire

OP Black Leech

quick tip for micro shanks and big fish

Shank Chuck Tool – OPST


OPST Shank Chuck Tool:  A solid pinch/grip on the very tag end (approx a 1/4 of a cm) of this 2″, 51mm OPST Steelhead Shank.

OPST Shank Chuck Tool: Easily secure shanks into vise. You have seen it (or a prototype of it) in OPST fly tying videos. You have called and emailed and asked about it. And now it’s here: the OPST Shank Chuck Tool. It took OPST a long time to dial this one in.

  • First, its a tool that will fit in just about any vise on the planet. OPST succeeded in making a tool anybody can use.
  • Second, we can secure both shanks and (some) tubes- by unscrewing the chuck housing, you can flip the inner chuck one way for shanks and the other way for tubes. Another surprising feature is this Tube Chuck, which clamps down evenly around the circumference of the tube (only holds Large 1/8 OD tubes such as HMH Rigid Tubes) and does not crush or mar the tube body. Once clamped into the chuck the tube does not spin out of place, even as the tyer makes continuous outward pulling thread wraps. We were a little apprehensive at the cost of such a tool but can say the chuck is surprisingly secure and extremely easy to adjust. It’s a brainless tool.

The chuck will hold shanks down to OPST Micro Shanks, which are 0.90mm in diameter. Tube adapter inner diameter: 2mm.

Click Here for Online Checkout – OPST Shank Chuck Tool



Beach and Lake Fly Tying Demo w/ Jeffrey Delia

Jeffrey Delia at Waters West for a free BEACH AND LAKE fly tying demo!

Saturday May 21st @ 1pm!

Jeffrey is a well known fly tyer, developing flies that are not just pretty but EFFECTIVE. Our personal go to for beach fishing is almost always the conehead squid created by Mr. Delia himself.

With the possibility of closures looming, beach and lake fishing may be a safe bet this summer, and
this is a great demo to attend for those who don’t even tie. The man has tons of info on not only beach fishing, but lake fishing as well, AND HE WANTS TO SHARE.

It’s hard to come by a genuinely well informed person who is willing to divulge info that took him a lifetime to cultivate, you wont want to miss it.

It’s FREE! Hit the farmers market before hand, wonder around downtown and swing on by 1pm for some quality information and tying demo.

Jeffrey Delia BEACH FISHING and FLY TYING Class for Sea-run Cutthroat and Salmon

Jeffrey Delia is our local beach fishing expert, whether it’s sea-run cutts or returning salmon he knows the flies, the tides, and the attitude it takes to become a proficient catcher. However, around here he is probably most widely known for his extremely effective pattern “Delia’s Cone-head Squid.”

Delia has agreed to put on a series of classes here at Waters West that you won’t want to miss. First, on May 21st he will do a demo at our weekly FREE Fly tying demo that occurs every Saturday here at the shop @ 1pm. It’ll be a teaser for his upcoming tying class the next week.

After you get a taste of how much knowledge this guy has, AND IS WILLING TO SHARE, you’ll want to sign up for his “Estuary and Saltwater Fly Tying Class for Sea-run Cutthroat Trout and returning Pacific Salmon.” on May 28th.

THEN! Yes, there is more. Delia is putting on a BEACH FISHING class right in front of Waters West on June 11th at the new beach area across street from us.

If you’ve been wanting to expand your fishing opportunites, this is a great way to do it. Beach fishing for cutthroat is open year-round, and largely untapped in our area. So swing on by on the 21st and get a preview of what all the hype is about.

Check out Delias Beach Fishing Class details here      

Check out Delias Fly Tying Class details here


Sign up online or in the shop!