Chinook, Sockeye, Steelhead and Bull Trout in the Upper Elwha!!

Safe passage to the upper Elwha was previously blocked by a rockfall from the removal of the Glines Canyon dam, but was removed last fall. Fish have taken advantage of this removal and have now been confirmed by the Olympic National Park as having made it to the upper stretches of the Elwha!

“Fisheries biologists monitoring restoration of the Elwha River and ecosystem recently confirmed that adult Chinook salmon, sockeye salmon, steelhead and bull trout have all passed upstream through both the former Elwha and Glines Canyon dam sites to reach the upper Elwha River.”

You can read the whole news release here!

Awesome news!


More Elwha Photos

Curt made a quick detour after fishing the West End rivers for steelhead to check out all of the changes on the Elwha River.  With the dams almost entirely removed the amount of sediment and large woody debris has totally reshaped the river below the former site of Lake Mills.

Taking a little time to check out the ever-changing Elwha River is a nice bookend to a West End steelhead fly fishing trip.

Elwha River transporting trapped sediment

Elwha River changing course and creating a new path

Woody Debris and fine sediment where none existed before the Elwha River dam removal

Mouth of the Elwha River

Sunset over Freshwater Bay




Elwah River Mouth in 1939

We just received a picture of the Elwha River Mouth from 1939.  Pretty impressive to see the amount of land that has eroded over the past 74 years and what we will likely see in the future with the dam removal.

Aerial Photo of the Elwah River Mouth from 1939

The Mouth of the Elwha River in 1939

Recent picture of the mouth of the Elwha River

Mouth of the Elwah

We got some great photos the other day of how the sediment is reshaping the mouth of the Elwah.

Picture of the Elwha River taken from Google Maps showing the mouth before the dam removal.

Recent picture of the mouth of the Elwha River



It is amazing to see the changes happening to the Elwha with the lower dam gone and the upper dam almost gone.